Kyoto Kagaku Human Torso Anatomy Model

Kyoto Kagaku Human Torso Anatomy Model

Item # KK-A1A

Kyoto Kagaku Human Torso Anatomy Model

Kyoto Kagaku Human Torso Anatomy Model KK-A1A

This is a torso model of the highest class that explains the human body in scientifically accurate and meticulous detail. It comes complete with more than 700 parts, with a key naming each part, and is mounted on a base. This model comes with both male and female pelvic inserts that allow the instructor and student to have a complete understanding of human body. It is approximately one meter tall and 30 removable parts.


1.The body of the model and its internal structures are made of a flexible, yet rigid plastic. This allows the model to be handled without fear of breakage or damage.
2.The right half of the model displays the superficial muscles while the left half displays the interior muscles and skeletal structure.
3.The brain can be opened and removed to reveal the position of the internal ear, eyeball, and nerves connecting them to the brain.
4.The clear and accurate colors of the paints used on the model and organs are both waterproof and washable.

Internal Specifications:

This model contains many removable and dissectible parts, which include: head, face, pectorals major muscle, brain (which is dissectible into 2 parts), chest, and abdomen, heart (dissectible into 4 parts), esophagus, lungs (dissectible into 4 sections), diaphragm, liver, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, kidney (dissectible into 2 sections), abdominal main vein, genital organs, and vertebra.

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