Kyoto Kagaku Obstetric Examination Simulator

Kyoto Kagaku Obstetric Examination Simulator

Item # KK-MW34

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Kyoto Kagaku Obstetric Examination Simulator

Obstetric Examination Simulator is a true life representation of a 39-40 week pregnancy torso, that allows training in fundamental examination skills for prenatal checkup including palpation, fetal heart auscultation and abdominal measurement.

  • Soft and elastic tissue material that provides true life sensation of palpation;
  • Anatomically correct pelvis and fetus;
  • A variety of fetal position, orientation and lie with one fetal unit;
  • Authentic fetal heart sounds recorded from real fetus.

Training Skills:
Anatomically correct landmarks of pelvis and fetus. The innovative tissue material provides realistic tactile feeling. The fetal unit allows various fetal positions, offering training opportunity of CPD assessment and Seitz method.

  • Leopold's Maneuvers
  • CPD assessment (Seitz method):

    Auscultation(fetal heart sounds):
        Sounds recorded by a Doppler monitor and by a conventional stethoscope are prepared for training. Sounds are wireless controlled by the remote control, including selection of sounds, volume and heart rate setting.

        ***Auscultation using a Doppler stethoscope is not possible ***

    • Umbilical blood flow
    • Umbilical blood flow and fetal heart sounds (posterior and anterior)
    • Fetal heart sounds

    Maternal body measurement to estimate fetal weight, development and change in the volume of amniotic fluid can be performed on the manikin. Anatomically correct landmarks include the pubic symphysis, the navel, the xiphoid process, the iliac crest and the greater trochanters.
      • Maternal abdominal girth
      • Fundal height
    • Variety of external pelvimetry as:
      1. Distantia Spinarum
      2. Distantia Cristarum
      3. Distantia Trochanterica
      4. External Oblique Diameter

    Obstetric Examination Simulator includes:
    • 1 pregnancy torso
    • 1 AC adaptor 100-240V
    • 1 remote control
    • 1 talcum powder
    • 1 instruction manual

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