Leonardo | MedVision Adult Patient Simulator

Leonardo | MedVision Adult Patient Simulator

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Leonardo is a durable and easy-to-use adult patient simulator designed for high-quality simulation training in basic to advanced medical procedures, clinical team development and patient case management. Extensive functionality, combined with the ability to use your own medical devices, will enable learners to fully immerse and challenge themselves as they put their individual and team skills to the test in time-critical emergency scenarios.

  Realistic, Robust, Reliable
  Lifelike weight (150lbs/68kg) and height (5’9ft/180cm)
  Tetherless connection (with up to 8 hours of battery life)
  Rechargeable, swappable battery
  Durable consumables
  Seamless skin, easy cleaning and maintenance

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Leonardo is a Human Patient Simulator of a male adult. Created in order to solve most difficult tasks in specialist training: vital signs, realistic feel and feedback, increased durability are only a few of his many traits.


Your high fidelity tool for high fidelity training.

Innovations for life


LEONARDO HF is our adult patient simulator designed to support the most challenging tasks in healthcare education. It has accumulated the results of the years of our work in the designing and improvement of medical simulators. With lifelike patient physiology, compatibility with a real ventilator and defibrillator, high durability, etc., the simulator will support you in getting better results each time you deliver your training.

  • Wireless and tetherless technology supporting wired connection
  • Removable internal high-capacity battery (up to 12 hrs of tetherless operation)
  • Realistic, seamless skin with no metal plates or protruded ECG/defibrillation sites on the surface
  • Durable materials suitable for repeated use of all the features of Leonardo
  • Anatomically accurate upper airway supporting intubation
  • Virtual anesthesia machine
  • Mechanical ventilation using a real medical ventilator
  • Compatibility with a real defibrillator
  • Realistic articulation of limbs
  • Realistic musculoskeletal structure
  • Lifelike height (180 cm) and weight (60.5 kg)
Lifelike face
Dark skin
Various trauma modules

Leonardo - Adult patient simulator

Leonardo is a durable and easy-to-use adult patient simulator designed for high-quality simulation training in basic to advanced medical procedures, clinical team development and patient case management.

Extensive functionality, combined with the ability to use your own medical devices, will enable learners to fully immerse and challenge themselves as they put their individual and team skills to the test in time-critical emergency scenarios.


Vital signs

Pulse palpation (12 points)
Monitoring blood pressure
Pulse of the radial artery

Craft Your Scenarios

Customize your own scenarios using our intuitive software or choose from many others, carefully created by our own simulation specialists.

Intubation of the upper respiratory tract

Head tilt
Jaw thrust
Orotracheal intubation
PET tube
Automatic drug, injected volume and speed recognition
Intravenous injections

Pupillary light reflex

Various pupil size
Pupillary response

Machine ventilation

Perform mechanical ventilation with a real ventilator. Our proprietary software makes it possible to set compliance and resistance for a complete clinical case. Pressure/volume control, pressure support, APRV, PAV, HFOV, NIV, PEEP (5-20cm H2O)

Comprehensive and intuitive virtual anesthesia machine helps you train and test.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

ECG monitoring
Chest compressions
Defibrillation with a real device

Choose a heart rhythm from our library.

Want something more specific?

With our software it is very easy to create any rhythm.

Our bedside monitor is a powerful, flexible, multifunctional tool to compliment your training, with Intuitive touch-sensitive controls and high-definition graphics.
Our bedside monitor is based on a real one for deeper immersion


  • Anatomically accurate upper airway
  • Orotracheal and nasotracheal intubation
  • Head tilt, chin lift, jaw thrust
  • Laryngeal mask airway insertion
  • Pneumothorax and hydrothorax
  • Sellick manoeuvre
  • Positive pressure ventilation
  • Programmable airway resistance
  • Pharyngeal airflow obstruction
  • Esophageal intubation
  • BVM ventilation
  • Cyanosis and acrocyanosis
  • Bilateral chest rise and fall
  • Programmable bilateral bronchi resistance
  • Intubation depth detection and logging
  • Imitation of trismus, tonic and clonic seizures
  • Tongue edema
  • Laryngospasm
  • Spontaneous breathing
  • Programmable respiratory complications
  • Programmable respiratory rate
  • Respiratory rate synced to patient monitor vital signs
  • Programmable chest rise and fall
  • Mechanical ventilation (PCV and VCV) PEEP (up to 40 cm H2O)
  • Variable bronchi resistance
  • Audible needle decompression with realistic feedback
  • Auscultation of heart sounds (5 points), lung anterior sounds (5 points), lung posterior sounds (4 points), bowel sounds (4 points)
  • Independent normal/abnormal heart sounds
  • Independent normal/abnormal lung sounds
  • Normal/abnormal bowel sounds
  • Auscultation of Korotkoff sounds
  • Programmable bilateral chest rise and fall, synced with breathing
  • Convulsions
  • Programmable blinking
  • Programmable pupils
  • Rich library of ECG rhythms
  • ECG heart rate of 20 to 200 bpm
  • Real ECG electrodes
  • Anatomically accurate landmarks to position your hands for chest compressions
  • Chest compressions
  • Defibrillation, cardioversion and cardiac pacing using real devices
  • Defibrillator pads correct placement and logging
  • Defibrillation in manual and automatic modes
  • Successful compressions with their logging and effect on HR and ECG
  • Cyanosis
  • Programmable pulse strength
  • Realistic chest compressions
  • Automatic activity log, displaying all user actions
  • Depth, frequency, hands placement assessment and log
  • Ventilation volume
  • Manual configuration of CPR protocols
  • Printable detailed CPR assessment
  • Intravenous injections (preinstalled catheter)
  • Intraosseous access (tibia)
  • Rich library of vocal sounds (moaning, coughing, pre-recorded words and phrases)
  • Use of a microphone to transmit information through the simulator
  • Realistic teeth, soft cheeks and gums
  • Pre-installed themes, scenarios, programs and the Scenario Constructor software to design your own scenario
  • Realistic bone structure, palpable ribs, kneecaps and many more
  • Secretion: sweat, tears, ear discharge, oral secretions, urine and bleeding


FEATURES / Model Essential High Fidelity
Airway obstruction
Orotracheal intubation
Nasotracheal intubation
Retrograde intubation
Intubation of right main/left bronchus optional
Fiberoptic intubation
Gastric intubation
Transtracheal jet ventilation
Positive pressure ventilation -
Airway placement (LMA, LTA, Combitube)
Lung compliance (0-100%)
Lung resistance (0-100%)
Endotracheal tubes – insertion, fixation and care
Cricoid pressure
Vomiting imitation
Airway complications
Tongue edema
Pharyngeal obstruction
Proper head position sensor
Laryngospasm -
Trismus -
Airway obstruction modelling
Foreign body obstruction
Spontaneous breathing
Chest rise and fall
Normal and pathological breath sounds
Lung sounds
Lung sounds during ventilation -
Lung sounds synced with respiratory rate
Programmable lung sounds
Posterior auscultation
Needle decompression Right mid clavicular
Chest drainage
Unilateral spontaneous breathing
Cyanosis -
Ever-growing ECG library
ECG monitoring (4 points)
Heart sounds auscultation
ECG and heart sounds sync
Defibrillation (manual / automatic)
Manual ECG settings
Pacing -
Defib pads correct placement
Blood circulation
Pulse palpation points 10 12
Adjustable pulse strength
Pulse and ECG sync
Pulse palpation detailed log
Pulse strength synced with BP
Korotkoff tones
Pulse oximeter
IV access (intravenous)
Drug recognition with dose and injection speed
IO access (intraosseous)
IM injections (intramuscular) -
Automatic and programmable physiological responses
Pupillary light reflex
Variable size pupils
Blinking (slow, normal, excessive)
Open, half-open or closed eyes -
Conforming to 2010-2015 guidlines
Realistic compressions
Anatomical landmarks
Depth, frequency, hands placement assessment and log
Head tilt/chin lift with sensors
Realistic vital parameters change during and after CPR
Other functions
Full body manikin
Realistic joint mobility
Foley catheterization
Urine output -
Secretion (eyes, ears, nose, mouth) -
Diaphoresis Extrication/Immobilization -
Bowel sounds auscultation
Abdominal distension
Trauma module (wound and fracture) -
Bleeding -
Limb trauma (optional)
Extra kit of trauma straps
Patient speech (screaming, moaning etc.)
Microphone for instructor to simulate patient speech
“Instructor” software
Wireless remote control
Automatic scenarios
Programmed scenarios
Manual mode
Themed scenarios
Trainee database for debriefing
Video debriefing, synced with activity log
Detailed CPR reports
“Bedside monitor” software
Wireless remote control
Modular and configurable
6 waves
More than 30 parameters
FullHD screen
CT, MRI, videos
Anesthesia machine simulation
Mechanical ventilator simulation
Scenario constructor
Create and manage scenarios
Add new actions
ECG software
Create and manage new ECG graphs -
Equipment kit
Adult human patient simulator
Bedside monitor
Defibrillator adapter
Syringe imitators
BP monitoring kit
Consumables kit
Service instrument kit
Refill bottles -

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