Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator

Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator

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Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator

Urinary catheter and enema training requires lot of liquid handling. Sakamoto's training models have supple bodies which are comprehensively designed to make this easier. During urinary catheterization practice the amount of leakage after catheter removal is zero, and during both catheterization and enema practice, the liquids are collected in a bottle for easy disposal.
In addition, the materials used for the genital area have been updated so that the area is stronger and will last longer. This new unit provides a more time effective approach with less time spent on preparation and cleaning up and more time for training.
The texture is closer to that of a real body, providing a more realistic, more effective simulation scenario for students.
  • Balloon Catheter can be inserted
  • Zero urine leakage after removing the catheter
  • Simple design ensures the bottle can be easily removed and emptied after use
  • Lateral position can also be used
  • Training in glycerine enema application is also possible
  • Cleaning practice can be performed after using the soft stool simulation accessory​
  • Simulated soft stools (yellowish-brown)
  • Simulated soft stool mixing container
  • Simulated soft stool stirring rod
  • Replacement non-return valve (x2)
  • Bottle (1L)
  • Bottle stand
  • Balloon catheter 16Fr
  • Nelaton catheter 8EG
  • Special lubricant
  • Baby powder
  • Storage Case​


Balloon catheter can be inserted.
Zero urine leakage after pulling out the catheter.
Training in glycerine enema application is also possible.
Cleaning practice is also possible using the soft stool simulation accessory.
Updated materials for genitals which could previously break easily. Texture is closer to that of a real body, while durability has been improved.
The main body can be used for training by switching the male and female genitals.



Add water.
Release the clamp.

Putting away

Close the clamp and remove the bottle.
Pour the water out of the bottle.

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Shipping dimensions and weight:
  • 60cm x 55cm x 34cm - 5.5kg
  • 24 x 22 x 14 in - 13 lbs

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by Sakamoto   —   Item # SKM200-2
Male Catheterization & Enema Simulator
$2,114.00 $2,349.00
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