Mastotrainer Breast Surgical Trainer, Large with Pronounced Ptosis

Mastotrainer Breast Surgical Trainer, Large with Pronounced Ptosis

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Mastotrainer Breast Surgical Trainer, Large with Pronounced Ptosis

This Breast Surgical Trainer is a chest with a skeletal structure, intercostal muscles, pectorals, breast tissue, subcutaneous cells and skin. The cleavage planes can be identified at the separation and dissection of the anatomical planes. The MMT-1GP unit is composed of aesthetically compromised breasts with pronounced ptosis, stretching of the mammary body and asymmetric hypertrophy. The mammary bases are narrow and there is hypertrophy of the areola. Besides surgical markings, it also allows techniques such as: round block, superior pedicle, inferior pedicle, desepidermization, mastectomy and, among others, reconstruction with prosthesis.

The Mastotrainer System (MMT) was developed to provide the diagnostic and to offer multiple opportunities of clinical, interventionist or surgical training of breast disorders. The MMT system is available in four different models of breast sizes and shapes, allowing dozens of customizations. It can be molded for tumors, cysts, calcifications, retractions, among other pathologies. It has an optional base made of acrylic to hold the surgical unit firmly during exams and surgeries. Its design features a shock absorber system that allows the movement of the surgical unit and allows the vision in an elevated position.

It can have up to 2 pathologies per torso Free of Charge. Extra pathologies can be added at additional cost.
The following is a list for pathologies available, upon request:
  • Tumor (Malignant/Benign/Perforated)
  • Cysts
  • Lymph Nodes (on armpits)
When ordering the model(s), use this map to indicate the pathologies location and add to your order’s comment section.

Each breast unit will serve for a specific use. However, since these models are made to pretend a real surgical scenario, the breast units cannot be re-used after the procedures are complete. Therefore, a new unit would be required for practicing and to perform the same procedures, as mentioned above. This product is made to order, return or cancellation will not be accepted.

Available in 4 different versions:
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Small and asymmetrical breasts.
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Medium-sized, asymmetrical and ptosed.
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Aesthetically compromised with pronounced ptosis.
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Large, asymmetrical and slightly ptosed.
Article: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

All Mastotrainer surgical models are made of material similar to the bone texture and coated with NEODERMA® (our exclusive thermos retractable rubber). It has the ability to mimic the skin, the subcutaneous cellular tissue, the breast tissue, the large breastplate and the intercostal muscles.

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MASTOTRAINER belongs to the R.E.S.T. class (Realistic Endo Surgical Trainers) and was designed to provide the diagnostic and surgical learning on the mammary pathologies such as tumors, calcification, retractions and many others. The MASTOTRAINER is composed by an acrylic base (which will maintain the surgical unit still during exams and surgeries) fixed to a shock absorber system, allowing movements to the surgical unit and also providing an elevated view. The surgical unit is composed by costal arches made of a material that resembles the bone structures, all covered with Neoderma®. MASTOTRAINER simulator is able to reproduce the skin texture, the subcutaneous tissue, the mammary tissue, chest and the intercostals muscles. The tissue particularities allows clivage plans and also dissection difficulties that provide training in mastectomy, silicon prosthesis implants and expanders, on the upper or inner side of the muscle.

The Neoderma® tissue also features the possibility of using ultrasound equipment, performing mammography and palpation for tumors.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • 21" x 17" x 9" in
  • 20 lbs

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