Rectal Examination, Stool Assessment And Enema Training Model

Rectal Examination, Stool Assessment And Enema Training Model

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Rectal Examination, Stool Assessment And Enema Training Model

Rectal Examination Model has now been improved. We are delighted to have worked in collaboration with the Spinal Injuries Association to offer additional functionality making the model more versatile and lifelike than ever before.

The Improved Rectal Examination Model now offers stool assessment, general examination, stool extraction and enema training in one portable model. Since the model can now accept liquid enemas, training in the use of liquid rectal medication is now possible. A comprehensive calendar style flip guide is also included, showing the Bristol Stool Scale and photographic representations of 13 important common and less common rectal conditions. The model offers the ideal training solution for OSCEs, nurse training or those involved with patient care.

  • Patient communication, consent and chaperone procedures
  • Identification of common and less common rectal conditions
  • Rectal examination, stool assessment and the Bristol Stool Scale
  • Identification of an abnormality palpable in the wall of the anal canal
  • Enema administration and irrigation
  • Administering of solid and liquid rectal medication
  • Easy to use, minimal maintenance
  • The internal anatomy has been redesigned and produced in a softer, more lifelike material
  • 4 interchangeable rectal inserts for:
    • 1- Stool assessment/general examination
    • 2- Stool extraction/manual evacuation
    • 3- Identification of an abnormality in the rectal wall
    • 4- Enema and solid/liquid medicine administration
  • Flip style guide containing the Bristol Stool Chart as well as 13 photographic rectal condition for enhanced training
  • Representations of 9 types of stool ranging from soft to hard
  • 2 hard stools for stool extraction
  • With use of the Enema insert, the model can now accept both solid andliquid rectal medication, e.g. suppositories and liquid rectal medication e.g. rectal Diazepam, or enemas and micro enemas or irrigation procedures
  • Includes Simulated abdomen in left lateral position
  • 4 x anal canal inserts
  • 9 simulated stools for assesment
  • 2 stools for stool extraction
  • Enema collection bottle
  • Enema drainage tube
  • Flip style guide with Bristol Stool Scale and 13 photographic rectal conditions

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Rectal Examination, Stool Assessment And Enema Training Model
$3,129.00 $3,294.00
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