Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display
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Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display

Item # HE-78817

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Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display

Perfect for class presentations and health fairs, this 3-D display (28" x 27" opened) highlights some the negative health consequences associated with smokeless tobacco use. Featuring eight permanently affixed, painted models, the display highlights multiple forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and unpleasant oral conditions and diseases. Easy-to-understand text explains how smokeless tobacco use causes each condition. A great way to spread the message that spit tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking. Display comes in a convenient, self-contained carrying case.

Dispelling the idea that dipping or chewing is a safe alternative to smoking, this attention-grabbing 3-D display graphically shows that smokeless tobacco use is damaging and potentially deadly. Jarring, permanently affixed, sculpted models illustrate some of the devastating health conditions smokeless tobacco use can cause,

  • Cancers of the Cheek & Lip
  • Oral Conditions & Diseases
  • Cancer of the Pancreas
  • Cancer of the Esophagus
  • Cancers of the Throat
  • Cancer of the Tongue
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

Perfect for health classes, tobacco education and awareness, health fairs, and more, the display comes in a self-contained carrying case for ease of portability and storage. 28" x 27" opened.

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Smokeless Tobacco Consequences 3-D Display
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