Replacement Injection Modules Set for 'Weany'

Replacement Injection Modules Set for 'Weany'

Item # VQ-7-025
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Replacement Injection Modules Set for 'Weany'

These injection modules allows the lifelike training of intracardiac, intramuscular and intravenously injections on our Weany.
Training injections and blood sampling on a live animal is not possible and yet should be performed safely in an emergency. With these injection modules, intracardiac, intramuscular and intravenous injections can be trained step by step and completely at rest on our Weany.

Blood sampling at the vena cava can be performed with conventional cannula as well as with vacuum systems at the i.v. module in the choke channel. The i.c. Module has, in addition to a puncturable ventricle, palpable ribs so that the correct puncture site can be localized via anatomical points. An integrated tubing system connects the i.v. module and the i.c. module to the blood reservoir and allows aspiration of blood when the cannula is placed correctly.

Training of an i.m. injection into the neck muscles can be simulated on the i.m. module.

Our injection modules can be used several times without any puncture marks being visible. The modules can be exchanged in just a few steps and Weany is ready for the next use.


  • I.M. Module
  • I.V. Module
  • I.C. Module

For use with:

  • Weaner Pig "Weany" Injection Trainer and Castration Simulator (VQ-7-020)

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by Vetiqo   —   Item # VQ-7-025
Replacement Injection Modules Set for 'Weany'
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