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    Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin - SB23463U Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin

    Item # SB23463U

    Price: $2,452.00
    Sale: $2,377.00
    Advanced Childbirth Simulator - S500 Advanced Childbirth Simulator

    Item # S500

    Price: $667.00
    Sale: $590.00
    Stan Skeleton Model on Pelvic Stand - A10 Stan Skeleton Model on Pelvic Stand - Includes 3B Smart Anatomy

    Item # A10

    Price: $375.00
    Sale: $316.00
    Intravenous Injection Training Arm - S400 Intravenous Injection Training Arm

    Item # S400

    Price: $364.00
    Sale: $322.00
    SOMSO Muscle Arm Model with Shoulder Girdle - NS15 SOMSO Muscle Arm Model with Shoulder Girdle

    Item # NS15

    Price: $2,354.00
    Sale: $2,183.00
    Adolescent Skeleton Model - EZ2700 Adolescent Skeleton Model

    Item # EZ2700

    Price: $9,232.00
    Sale: $7,451.00
    Aging Simulation Suit GERT - PPD1002 Aging Simulation Suit GERT

    Item # PPD1002

    Price: $2,733.00
    Sale: $2,496.00


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