Intramuscular Buttock Injection, Type 2

Intramuscular Buttock Injection, Type 2

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Intramuscular Injection Model of Buttocks, Type 2

This high-tech medical model with realistic skin is perfect for teaching proper injection techniques and how to avoid nerves and veins. The see-through right side of the model shows internal structure including bones, muscles, nerves, and veins. The gluteus medius, nerves, veins, ilium crista, and greater trochanter can be palpated to confirm the correct injection points.

Indicator light illuminates when Shibusanbu method (Upper Outer quadrant of Buttocks), Clarke's point, or Hochstetter's point have been injected into correctly.

Fluid injected in the proper place is discharged through a drain tube into drain bag. A green light indicates correct injection technique and positioning - a buzzer and flashing red light warn students if they have gone too deep or if needle position is incorrect. Special skin material does not show needle marks

Important Notice:
This intramuscular injection has no Dorsal nor Ventrogluteal injection sites.

Accessories included: Drain bag, Storage case, Stand for placing the model in a lateral position

Dimensions: 16-1/8 in. W x 18-1/2 in. D x 14-1/8 in. H

Skills Practice:

Injection training to correct injection sites is possible.
Water (only tap water) can be infused.

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