Intramuscular Injection Model of Upper Arm Muscles

Intramuscular Injection Model of Upper Arm Muscles

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Intramuscular Injection Model of Upper Arm Muscles

Practice injections in the upper arm muscles safely on a realistic model that provides instant feedback to make training more effective and meaningful. This advanced medical model has been developed to avoid the danger of injecting the needle into nerves and veins in the upper arm muscles. The structure of the upper arm is shown in the model to teach proper injection. The outer skin has been specially processed to provide a very realistic simulation, and it leaves no injection marks to keep the model in good condition. The acromion apophysis and other bones are included, making it possible to confirm injection spots by palpation. When an injection is made in a wrong spot or if it's made too deep, a red light will turn on, a buzzer sounds a warning, and a nerve lamp displays where the error has been made.

The model also displays a green light for injections made in safe spots. These indicators reinforce correct technique and prevent users from making the same mistakes. Medical fluids (water) can also be injected to make this model a valuable instruction tool.

Choose injection spots accurately, practical training available:
  • A shoulder injection model that's very real
  • Confirm body parts by palpation of the acromion apophysis
  • Notifies errors through a red lamp, nerve lamp, and buzzer
  • Displays a green lamp for injections made in safe spots
  • Practice injections in the upper arm muscles safely
Practice choosing injection spots correctly.
Practice palpation of the acromion apophysis.


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  • Box Dimensions: 31" x 26" x 16" in
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  • Width: 77 cm

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