Suture Practice Trainers - Full set

Suture Practice Trainers - Full set

Item # KK-M83

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Suture Practice Trainers - Full Set

Full set suture practice is a trainer for teaching and learning basic suturing skills. 4 types of skins facilitate training in suturing of various body part.

The artificial skin can be cut easily at any site to prepare a novel wound. The soft skins are made of durable materials. Simple and durable supporters keep the soft skins arched or maintain tension in the tubular models. Instruments for the practice session are included in the package.

This full set suture practice trainers has been developed for the training of healthcare professionals only. Any other use, or any use not in accordance with the enclosed instructions, is strongly discouraged. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any accident or damage resulting from such use. Please handle the components carefully and refrain from subjecting to any unnecessary stress or wear.

Set Includes
1 supporter for abdomen
1 supporter for blood vessels and intestinal tracts
1 supporter for limbs
2 abdominal skins
2 limbs skins
5 blood vessels
5 intestinal tracts
1 set of instruments (cable ties, needle-holders, suture needles, scissors, suture threads and tweezers)
1 Instruction manual



Made by Kyoto Kagaku and sold by GTSimulators.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
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