Advanced BLS Simulator With Laptop

Advanced BLS Simulator With Laptop

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Features & Specifications
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Advanced BLS Simulator With Laptop

The best BLS simulator with high quality for professionals. Rodam is dedicated to BLS education with expertise and efficiency.

Rodam's Special Features
Special features of Rodam for lifelike education

  • New Automatic functions
    • Pupillary reflex (3 cases)
    • Pulse beating (Carotid pulse)
    • Spontaneous breathing (Breath sound and Chest movement)
  • Blue-tooth communication
    • Evaluation is easier by applying wireless communication between the simulator and laptop computer
    • Simultaneous evaluation is possible by connecting multiple simulators to 1 laptop computer
  • Over compression depth (7cm)
    • Over compression can be detected by measuring extra 1cm from AHA guideline.
  • Defibrillator/ AED Shock
    • It is possible to give real AED shock to the manikin.
    • When user attach the defibrillator pads, cardiac rhythm such as VF, VT, Asystole, NSR will be displayed
  • Verification in real-time
    • Chest compressing, compression depth, position, rate, numbers and hands-off-time will be displayed in real-time
    • Airway, the angle of patient’s head back will be displayed. (Hyper-extension)
    • Artificial respiration, respiration volume, time, rate and numbers will be displayed in real-time
  • 110/220V 50/60Hz
    • Power Adaptor or battery


GTSimulators by Global Technologies
BT USA Inc. Authorized Dealer.
Advanced BLS Simulator with Laptop

Product Specifications:

  • Practice chest compression and artificial ventilation with CPR training simulator
  • Practice the pre-CPR procedures such as consciousness checking pulse checking and airway opening
  • Defibrillator / AED System for education

Display Windows:

  • Trainee information: Saving and Printing the trainee information
  • Training procedure setup: setting the guideline, scenario, evaluation point, training time and checklist.
  • Training screen:
- Trainee info. / Training time / Status of manikin / Chest compression and artificial ventilation data will be displayed.
- Check consciousness : After the trainee check the patient’s consciousness, It will be marked at graph & history.
- Check pulse : After the trainee check the patient’s carotid pulse, it will be marked at graph & history.

- Chest compression : During the chest compression, compression depth, position, rate, number and hands-off-time will be marked at graph & history.
- Airway opening : When opening the airway, it will be marked at gra+ph & history. (Hyper-extention)
- Artificial respiration : During artificial respiration, respiration volume, time, rate and numbers will be marked at graph & history.
- Defibrillation : When applying the defibrillation, shock time and number will be marked at graph & history / ECG, pulse, breathing per minute, pupil will be marked at current state.

  • Accuracy analysis: Chest compression, artificial respiration will be displayed as a chart in real-time.
  • Practice record: All practice records from beginning to the end will be marked at graph & history.
  • Checklist: The supervisor’s checking results will be displayed.
  • History: When auto item & checklist is activated, the data will be displayed at practice record.
  • Metronome: Metronome setup. (OFF, 100bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm)
  • Scenario: According to setting ECG, ECG signal, pulse, breathing per minute, pupil will be displayed in real-time.
  • Evaluation result:
- Trainee info, Result data display.
- Total chest compression number, average depth, rate, hands-off-time, number of normal/ incomplete/ excessive depth, number of compression position(up, down, left, right side) and number of pressure relaxation and incomplete.
- Total number of ventilation, average rate & volume, normal/ incomplete/ excessive volume of ventilation, number of stomach inflation, accurate ventilation and accuracy of artificial ventilation.
Total score and accuracy of assessment items will be displayed.
- Item of runtime and total score will be displayed.
- It is possible to save and print the results.

  • Previous result:
- Previous evaluation result of trainee can be uploaded.
- Result summary / Training screen/ Accuracy analysis/ History’s selective display.
- User can print out the data and transfer to excel.

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Advanced BLS Simulator With Laptop
$9,405.00 $9,900.00
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