Chester Chest™ Vascular Access Simulator With Port Access Arm, Light

Chester Chest™ Vascular Access Simulator With Port Access Arm, Light

Item # VT2410

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Chester Chest™ Vascular Access Simulator With Port Access Arm, Light

Chester Chest™ has been an industry standard since 1986 for the teaching of central line care. The right chest area of Chester Chest™ has a 9.6Fr tunneled central catheter that is visible up to the clavicle. The Dacron cuff on this catheter is also discernable. The external jugular vein is slightly raised with an opening to attach your own triple lumen catheter and there is also an opening in the upper chest area for placement of a subclavian catheter. These optional catheters are available from VATA, or if you prefer, you can send us the catheters your institution uses and we will install them at no charge.

Included with this model is a real port that makes it possible to simulate accessing the following IVAD placements: normal, “tipping”, “wandering”, or deeply placed in the left chest area. Successful access is confirmed by a blood return. Fluid can be infused and blood withdrawn from all the lines.

This model is supplied with an updated arm, Advanced Arm (VT2386), that has a dual 5Fr PICC exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area and a pre-positioned 20g IV catheter in the forearm. Proximal to the PICC insertion site is recessed area for the placement of an optional peripheral IVAD. The base of this recessed area for the optional peripheral IVAD (optional Port is shown but NOT included) is made of a soft material that permits the IVAD to “float” when palpated and accessed.

Chester Chest™ is a great tool for teaching, competency testing, skills assessment, fluid infusion,blood withdrawal and dressing securement techniques associated with central access devices!

Made in USA by Vata Inc. and sold by GTSimulators.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
VATA Inc. Authorized Dealer
Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • Dimensions: 22”x 18” x 9” (55.9cm x 45.7cm x 22.9cm)
  • Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)

Frontside of Chester Chest™ Torso:
  • Real Port (IVAD) (0406)
  • Tunneled Cental Catheter 9.6FR (0407)
  • Base
  • Outer Tissue Flap (0405)
  • Simulated Blood Reservior Bag for Torso (0451)
  • Difficult Accessing Insert simulates “tipping” port (0430)
  • Difficult Access Insert simulates a “wandering” port (0420)
  • Difficult Access Insert simulates a deeply placed port (0440)
  • Talc-Cornstarch (0458)
  • IV Catheter 20G
  • User’s Manual
  • Dual Lumen PICC 5FR (0408)
  • Advanced Arm
  • Optional Triple Lumen Catheter Shown (0410)
  • Opening for Optional Subcalvian Catheter
  • Opening for Optional Jugular Catheter
  • Torso
Backside of Chester Chest™ Torso:
  • Simulated Blood Reservoir Bag for Torso (0451)
  • Retention Strap for Simulated Blood Reservoir Bag
  • Three Way Parallel Tubing Set for Torso (0450)
  • Extra connection for use with Optional Triple Lumen, Subclavian and Jugular Catheters
  • Bolt and Wing Nut to Attach Arm to Torso (0455)

Advanced Arm:
  • IV Catheter 20G
  • Dual Lumen PICC 5FR (0408)
  • Optional Peripheral Port (0417)
  • skin flap covering recessed area for optional peripheral port 0417 (0442)
  • Bolt and Wing Nut to Attach Arm to Torso (0455)
  • Dual PICC Attachment to Tubing Set
  • Tubing Set for Arm (0446)
  • 20G IV Catheter Attachment to Tubing Set
  • Simulated Blood Reservoir Bag for Arm (0453)
  • Snap Clamps
  • Back of Recessed Area

Customer Reviews

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Lynette Bedford
Chester Chest

Great model, this is the 2nd I bought. Fast delivery and great tracking/ notification process.

Mary Lowe
Well worth it

This is a great price fir the quality and equipment provided. Very Happy

by VATA   —   Item # VT2410
Chester Chest™ Vascular Access Simulator With Port Access Arm, Light
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