Child Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination Simulator

Child Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination Simulator

Item # LF03506

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Life/form® Child S.A.L.A.D. Simulator

Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination (S.A.L.A.D.) simulator uses suction to enhance first-pass success-laryngoscopy (FPS-L) with a non-anesthetized patient in active emesis.

  • Simulates a non-anesthetized patient for practicing intubation ventilation, and suction
  • Practice oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as E.T., E.O.A., P.T.L, L.M.A., Combitube®, and King System insertion
  • Permits suction techniques, and proper cuff inflation with active emesis
  • Anatomy and landmarks include teeth, tongue, oral and nasal pharynx, larynx, epiglottis, arytenoids, false cords, true vocal cords, trachea, esophagus, and cricoid cartilage
  • Offers room to maneuver and a slightly anterior position, making the simulator great for introductory classes as well as advanced students
  • Apply cricoid pressure to change the position of the trachea and close the esophagus
  • Rigid suction catheter distracts lower mandible and tongue to permit laryngoscope insertion
  • Realistically practice the Sellick maneuver
  • Manual carotid pulse
  • Child Airway Management Trainer Head
  • Suction canister with 2 right angle tubing adapters
  • 1 gallon container with hand pump
  • 2 simulated latex-free lungs
  • Thickener
  • Rigid suction catheter
  • Two 3-ft lengths of clear vinyl tubing
  • Pump spray lubricant
  • 5 red caps with white fittings
  • Tubing couplings
  • 6 pinch clamps
  • #10 spanner bit
  • Neck ring with 2 wing nuts and 2 plastic-headed thumb screws
  • Neck adapter with 2 plastic-headed thumb screws
  • Safety cap
  • Case handle with 2 pins
  • Carrying case with telescoping handle.

5-year warranty.


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by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # LF03506
Child Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy and Airway Decontamination Simulator
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