Cylindrical Rat Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications
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Cylindrical Rat Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications

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Cylindrical Rat Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications

Rat Phantom Cylindrical For R&D can be fabricated either as a simple cylinder or as an anatomically correct mouse (rat). Both phantoms are powerful tools which can be used for testing and calibration of various medical imaging devices.

The cylindrical version has 27mm diameter and 70mm height which correspond to the dimensions of small animals (i.e. a laboratory mouse.)

The small phantom is ultrasound, MRI and CT compatible and it can be customized in size and shape. The internal features can be also modified in terms of shape and properties to fit the needs of any particular bio-medical research project.

This phantom can be customized.
Radiology images are not included. Available upon request at an additional cost.

Description of the features of the Rat Phantom(Cylindrical).

Ultrasound tomography scan of the phantom.

Rat Phantom Technical Properties:
Type of the tissues: Sound velocity [m/s] Density
[Shore 00]
Speckles Attenuation measured
at 2.25 MHz [dB/cm]
(#1) – Transparent 1400 ± 10 1.01 30 N/A NO 1.3 ± 0.2
(#2) – Transparent 1400 ± 10 1.03 60 N/A NO 1.8 ± 0.2
(#3) – Red 1400 ± 10 1.04 60 N/A YES 1.8 ± 0.2
(#4) – Cartilage 1850 ± 10 1.06 85 N/A NO 30 ± 2
(#5) – Non-Transparent 1400 ± 10 1.00 20 N/A YES 1.0 ± 0.2

Manufactured by True Phantom Solutions Inc.
GTSimulators by Global Technologies
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The default version of the cylindrical rat phantom comprehend 5 different types of tissues. Since this phantom is cylindrical it is not feasible to point cylinders which correspond to real anatomical structures. However, each small cylinder correspond to different averaged properties of hard and soft tissues which are as follow: 

  1. Overall soft body tissue – for better imaging results and optical transparency, we set this tissue to be transparent and to have no ultrasonic speckles.
  2. Organs without ultrasonic speckles – those are organs with low echogenicity. They appear dark on ultrasonic image.
  3. Organs with ultrasonic speckles and relatively high stiffness  – those are the organs with higher stiffness and echogenicity than the surrounding body tissue (i.e. muscles).
  4. Cartilage tissue – very stiff and much more attenuative tissue than the organs and body tissue
  5. Soft organs with speckles – those are soft organs with high level of ultrasonic speckles and low ultrasonic attenuation (i.e. kidneys, liver, etc.).


Please note also that each tissue can be customized in terms of their properties to better match your requirements. Some features/structures can be also added/removed based on your need as well.

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by True Phantom   —   Item # TPS-RT-C01
Cylindrical Rat Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications
$2,891.00 $2,950.00
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