Lumbar Puncture Simulator II

Lumbar Puncture Simulator II

Item # KK-M43B

Lumbar Puncture Simulator II

World's best training simulator for lumbar puncture and epidural anesthesia!
Five types of puncture blocks enhance training with different types of challenges. Key injection trainer for physicians in training. Lumbar Puncture Simulator II closely simulates the lumbar anatomy including the anatomical landmarks. Provides life-like sensation of both skin and tissue resistance to the spinal needle. Allows students to measure CSF fluid pressure, collect CSF fluid and epidural anesthesia procedures under clinically realistic conditions.



  • Simulates anatomy of lumbar region for landmark palpation
  • Realostic puncture practicing
  • Loss-of-puncture technique with the epidural puncture block

Training skills:
  • Palpation of landmarks
  • Lumbar pucture
  • CSF collection
  • CSF pressure measurement
  • Epidural anesthesia
  • Anatomical understanding

Set includes:
  • 1 lumbar region model
  • 6 puncture blocks
    • 2 normal CSF
    • 1 obesity CSF
    • 1 senior CSF
    • 1 senior obesity CSF
    • 1 epidural
  • 1 lumbar region skin cover
  • 3 lumbar region support bases: sitting position, lateral position, team teaching
  • 1 lumbar spine model
  • 1 set of irrigator bag, tube, support base and syringe
  • 1 guidebook
  • 1 storage case