Auscultation Simulator II

Auscultation Simulator II

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Auscultation Simulator II

The simulator that gives you Realistic and Best medical training!

By reproducing various symptoms, supports practice of auscultation with a feeling of being in a clinical situation. Sakamoto Auscultation Simulator II reproduces life-like cardiac sounds and breath sounds of patients with a computer. It is an educational model designed for improving the auscultation skill in which characteristic cardiac and breath sounds in various diseases can be distinctly heard with a stethoscope by checking their sites.

Practice can be repeated anywhere including the hospital, school, seminars, and home. It is an instrument for medical education that also serves for improving the skill of in-the-field auscultation of emergency first responders. Recommended for overseas and domestic medical educational organizations and training centers.

1. Learning through practice with a sense of reality
Sternum and soft touch of the skin
Seven built-in speakers (volume adjustable) provide true-to-life experience of hearing cardiac and breath sounds of actual patients by applying a stethoscope.

2. Realistic auscultatory sounds
Reproduction of complicated cases is possible by combinations of 20 cases of cardiac sounds and 12 cases of breath sounds.
Differences in auscultatory sounds can be confirmed realistically by the use of a personal computer (Windows). Practical clinical settings and the sense of being in a real situation make training optimal for the acquisition of auscultation skill.

3. Adjustable to details
The heart rate and respiratory rate are adjustable.
The volume of cardiac and breath sounds is adjustable in each region (cardiac and pulmonary regions) or all regions. Fine adjustment of the settings enables trainees to experience diverse cases in near actual situations.

  • Weight: About 14kg
  • Case size: W65 x D58 x H28cm
  • Accessories: USB cable, CD-ROM soft (Japanese, English), Stethoscope, Chest cover, Storage case



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Sakamoto Authorized Dealer
Breath sound
Major Category Minor Category Disease
1 Normal alveolar breath sound Normal
2 Intermittent rales
(moist rales)
Fine crackles Interstitial pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis /pulmonary edema
3 Intermittent rales
(moist rales)
Coarse crackles Pulmonary edema, pneumonia, alveolar effusion
4 Continuous rales
(dry rales)
Low pitched rhonchi (sonorous rhonchi) Stenosis of middle-large bronchi, bronchial secretion
5 Continuous rales
(dry rales)
High pitch rhonchi,wheeze 1 Bronchiolar stenosis, brochial asthma
6 Continuous rales
(dry rales)
High pitch rhonchi,wheeze 2 Bronchiolar stenosis, brochial asthma
7 Tachypnea Consonating rales Nervous dyspnea
8 Intensified bronchovesicular sounds Resting dyspnea
9 Continuous rales
(dry roles)+
intermittent rales
(moist roles)
High pitch rhonchi, wheeze+fine crackles Cardiac asthma
10 Continuous rales
(dry rales)
High pitch rhonchi, wheeze+prolonged exhalation Bronchial asthma
11 Abnormal respiratory pattern Tachypnea
(shallow respiration)

60 times/min

Central hyperpnea (midbrain disorder) hyperventilation syndrome
12 Abnormal respiratory pattern Kussmaul respiration

36 times/min

Diabetic ketoacidosis, uremia

Cardiac sounds

1 Normal (no splitting of the second sound) 11 Mitral stenosis
2 Normal (split second sound) 12 Mitral insufficiency
3 Abnormal split second sound 13 Aortic stenosis
4 Increased apical second sound in hypertension 14 Aortic insufficiency
5 Apical fourth sound 15 Subaortic stenosis
6 Innocent murmur 16 Atrial septal defect
7 Aortic ejection sound 17 Ventricular septal defect
8 Mid-systolic clicks 18 Pulmonary stenosis
9 Mitral escape clicks /murmur 19 Acute mitral insufficiency
10 Tricuspid insufficiency 20 Pulmonary insufficiency

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by Sakamoto   —   Item # SKM164-1
Auscultation Simulator II
$9,092.00 $10,102.00
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