Super OB Susie® Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso, Dark

Super OB Susie® Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso, Dark

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Super OB Susie® Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso, Dark


The new OB Susie® is a realistic childbirth torso designed to aid educators in teaching labor and delivery management skills to learners of all levels. The anatomically accurate structures allow learners to develop clinical skills transferable to scenario-based training. The simulator's modular design allows its functionality to expand with growing training needs.

Realistic Palpable Anatomy
Palpable pelvic landmarks and dilating cervix for vaginal exam
Realistic Fetal Presentation
Illustrate cardinal movements, descent, rotation, and expulsion
Removable Abdomen
Visualize and understand the internal view of fetal movements
Breech Deliveries
Practice emergency breech maneuvers: Pinard's, Mauriceau, Ritgen's, Lovset
Forcep Assisted Delivery
Practice force indication, application, and traction techniques
Smooth, Supple Neonate Skin
Perform vacuum cup application, suctioning, and traction
Realistic Umbilical Cord
Practice realistic clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord
Placental Delivery
Placenta with removable cotyledons to practice managing retained fragments
Placental and Umbilical Complications
Partial placenta previa - nuchal cord - true knots - cord prolapse - and more
Package Contents: OB Susie® Childbirth Training Torso, Pregnant Abdomen, Full Term Neonate, Placenta, (2) Umbilical Cord, (2) Umbilical Stump, (2) Cervices, (2) Birth Canals

Optional Modular Additions

Optional Postpartum Episiotomy Suture Trainer
The episiotomy repair trainers simulate human tissue and support the use of real sutures and instruments.

  • Realistic soft skin
  • Supports real sutures
  • Durable self-healing skin
Package Contents
  • Mediolateral left episiotomy perineum
  • Midline episiotomy perineum
Optional PPH Management Package
The PPH Management Package enables the training of postpartum care and emergency management skills.

  • Realistic post-delivery perineum
  • Uterine hemorrhaging using built-in reservoir in training torso
  • Uterine tamponade placement
  • Adjustable uterine tone
  • Urinary bladder catheterization
  • Suppository administration
Package Contents
  • PPH Perineum
  • Boggy Uterus
  • PPH Cervix
  • Blood Concentrate
Made in USA by Gaumard Scientific and sold by GTSimulators.

One year warranty.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Gaumard Scientific Authorized Dealer

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by Gaumard   —   Item # S500.300.D
Super OB Susie® Childbirth Skills Trainer Torso, Dark
$3,293.00 $3,592.00
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