X-Ray Phantom Knee, Transparent
This item includes real human bones.
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X-Ray Phantom Knee, Transparent

Item # EZ7250
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X-Ray Phantom Knee, Transparent

This transparent X-Ray part phantom gives the unique opportunity to take x-ray images of single body parts again and again. The Phantom includes real human bones and allows taking real x-ray images. The model is perfect for schools and education, but also for medical technicians since the same bones can be x-rayed again and again in different settings without the danger of harming a patient. The bones are embedded in transparent plastic. This phantom is handmade and unique. It may differ in size and shape. Due to production technology there may be discoloring and cracks inside the phantom. This is related to production and is no lack of quality. This phantom is only sold against a proof of medical use.

Part of upper and lower leg and patella.

Also available in Opaque Version