Spine Surgery Trainer Simulator

Spine Surgery Trainer Simulator

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Spine Surgery Trainer Simulator

Simulator for surgical procedures in the lumbar spine (posterior access). This Spine Trainer was developed and designed by Pro Delphus for training in spinal stenosis and spinal instrumentation with all the equipment of a real surgery.

Loss of cerebrospinal fluid and damage to nerve roots are observed during practice, allowing for even more realism in training. It can be used for training in endoscopic or open surgeries of the herniated disc, needle punctures under radiological control, spinal and epidural punctures among many other training options.

The surgical unit is composed by the sacral region to the lumbar region (beginning with T12) and has cleavage levels between the skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue, muscle, yellow ligament, discs, vertebrae, dura mater, and the marrow with its nerve roots.

The model allows customization of pathologies such as hernias, discal and bone pathologies. It provides sectional endoscopic access in multiple spaces on the left or right. it allows open surgery for vertebral fixation and, among many other techniques, the management of complications such as root lesions, liquoric traumatic fistulas, facet stenosis and medullary canal.

Equipment similar to those used in a real surgery are needed for the procedures.

Its acrylic base accommodates a peristaltic pump that keeps the spinal cranial fluid circulating.

This simulator includes:
1 Surgical unit (SPT-1)
1 Acrylic base (SPT-0)

Replacement parts are available upon request.

Note: This product is made to order, returns or cancellations will not be accepted.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Pro Delphus Authorized Dealer

Simulator for surgical procedures in the lumber spine (posterior access):


  • Tissue
  • Fat tissue
  • Fascia muscle
  • Supra spinous ligament
  • Intra spinous ligament
  • Yellow ligament
  • Posterior ligament
  • Anterior ligament
  • Dural sack (with circulation of cerebrospinal fluid)
  • Vertebrae: T2, L1 to L5, sacrum and coccyx


  • Stenosis
  • Hernias (extrusion/protrusion)


  • Vertebral fracture
  • Fracture with fragment in the spinal canal
  • Posterior elements fracture (disruption of the spinous ligament with fracture in the lamina of the vertebra L2)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

  • Box Dimensions: 27" x 15" x 12"
  • Weight: 30 lbs

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