Suture Disc Training Simulator

Suture Disc Training Simulator

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Suture Disc Training Simulator

Enjoy procedures very close to reality through the use of Neoderma®, exclusive material developed by Pro Delphus that mimics with great realism the human tissues

This Simulator is a suture training model that provides dozens of suture exercises, from simple needling to nevus removal, lipoma, hypertrophic scarring, and micro sutures. In addition to that, the Neoderma® is highly retractable and can be used dozens of times without leaving stitches marks. For add even more realism, SUTURE DISC features cleavage planes and it is the only model on the market that comes with exercises on the disc and allows use on its reverse side.

The STD simulator allows more than 30 exercises such as:
  • Needling
  • Regular suture and irregular border suture
  • X, U, inverted U and V-shaped sutures
  • Suture approach
  • Greek rope suture
  • Hemostatic suture
  • Donati and Semi-Donati suture
  • Intra-dermal suture and deep suture
  • Zetaplasty
  • Drain placement and attachment
  • Ureter suture
  • Removal of cysts and nevus, foreign body and other procedures

The STD simulator consists of an acrylic support and a Neoderma® suture disc with exercises.
Note: Surgical instruments are not included. The parts in Neoderma® may have color variantion

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