Tube Feeding & Tracheostomy Care & Suction Training

Tube Feeding & Tracheostomy Care & Suction Training

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Tube Feeding & Tracheostomy Care & Suction Training

Our feeding tube insertion and care manikin is the perfect training tool for a realistic and versatile experience. With anatomically correct structures, oral and nasal feeding tube injection, and auscultation with a stethoscope, you’ll gain the most accurate training possible.

Our manikin also provides a real-life experience by allowing you to practice with liquid food. It’s easy to maintain with a detachable stomach and trachea and comes with a stand for easy positioning. You can practice five different procedures: tube feeding, PEG care, tracheostomy care, suction, and gastrostomy tube care.

When practicing tube feeding, set the manikin to sitting or semi-sitting position and practice according to the way of inserting the catheter.

When injecting nutrition after inserting a catheter, inject nutrition after open the valve of draining tube.

Practicing tracheostomy care is possible. Please do the training after injecting artificial saliva of 20~30cc with a injector for endotracheal suction

When practicing gastrostomy tube care or PEG care, remove the chest skin and rib part of manikin, insert a gastrostomy tube by opening the cap of stomach, seal the skin and proceed the training.

  • Realistic training with anatomically correct structures.
  • Oral/Nasal feeding tube injection.
  • Check tube placement by auscultation with stethoscope.
  • Practicing with a real liquid food
  • Easy to maintain ; Detachable stomach and trachea.
  • Positioning with a stand by adjusting the angle. (0°, 21~45°, 90°)
  • Checking tube placement through transparent window
  • Training tube feeding, PEG care, Tracheostomy care, suction, gastrostomy tube care

Gastrostomy and Tracheostomy supplies are not included.


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    by BT Inc   —   Item # BT-CSIS
    Tube Feeding & Tracheostomy Care & Suction Training
    $3,325.00 $3,500.00
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