Defibrillation and CPR Trainer Manikin

Defibrillation and CPR Trainer Manikin

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Defibrillation and CPR Trainer Manikin

For demonstration and practice of defibrillation and CPR training. Functions with manual, semiautomatic, and automatic defibrillators. Complete CPR capabilities. The arrhythmia/pacing simulator recreates 17 adult heart rhythms and 17 pediatric rhythms.

With an external pacer, you can simulate electronic capture. You can also simulate cardioversion with manual, semiautomatic, or automatic defibrillation. Take a look at ( LF03670U) for full details of the arrhythmia/pacing simulator included with this manikin.

Comes complete with:
  • load box,
  • arrhythmia simulator box,
  • CPR Adam manikin with defibrillation skin,
  • 10 disposable lung/airway systems,
  • 10 mouth/nosepieces,
  • soft carry case.

Manikin includes adapters for manual defibrillation sites, Physio adapters, Laerdal adapters, and Marquette adapters.

Measurements and Weight:
  • Size: 31" x 18" x 10"
  • Shipping Weight: 35 Lbs

Three-year warranty.