Intramuscular Injection Trainer

Intramuscular Injection Trainer

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Intramuscular Injection Trainer

Check the exact injection site and injection depth:

Ventrogluteal/dorsogluteal site can be practice at the both side of buttock


  • The touch feeling of the model is similar to human skin.
  • The buttocks model is composed of epidermis layer, muscular layer and skeletal frame.
  • Ventrogluteal and dorsogluteal site injection practice; both side
  • The skin is made of soft silicon that leaves no needle marks with self-healing system
  • Both side of buttocks can be used for practice.
  • Fluid injection and drain
  • LED lights / Warning Sound can show the feedback in real time
  • Power : AC power or battery


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Intramuscular Injection Trainer


  • Adult buttocks model:
    • Weight: 5.5㎏