IV Hand and Arm Simulator Set - Dark Skin
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IV Hand and Arm Simulator Set - Dark Skin

Item # 140-140B

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IV Hand and Arm Simulator Set - Dark Skin

Detailed exercises in venipuncture can be mastered on a realistic model before administration to live patients.

The IV Hand and Arm Simulator demonstrates:
  • sterile technique
  • sharps injury protection
  • taping and securing techniques
  • infusion or withdrawal procedures
The IV Hand and Arm Simulator features include:
  • lifelike vein roll-over
  • durable for repeated use
  • palpation of vein for location
Your IV Training Arm and Hand Kit consists of the following components:
  • Inner Arm and Hand Units filled w/Recycled Plastic Bits
  • Hand Skin Installed
  • Arm Skin Installed
  • Arm/Hand Vein Set Installed
  • Reservoir Bags w/tubing (2)
  • Blood Powder
Characteristic "pop" can be felt when needle penetrates vein.

IV Hand and Arm Simulator includes carry tray and blood.

No needle included.

Replacements parts:
  • IV Trainer Replacement Right Hand Skin - Dark Skin (140-141RB)
  • IV Trainer Replacement Arm Skin - Dark Skin (140-142B)
  • IV Arm or Hand Trainer Replacement Vein Set (140-143)
  • IV Reservoir Bag (140-144)
  • Simulated Blood Powder-one gallon (800-225)

  • Manual

    Made in USA by Simulaids and sold by GTSimulators.

    Three-year warranty.

    GTSimulators by Global Technologies
    Simulaids Authorized Dealer.
    Dimensions & Weight:
    • Size: 19" x 12" x 6"
    • Shipping Weight: 8 lbs

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    by Nasco Healthcare   —   Item # 140-140B
    IV Hand and Arm Simulator Set - Dark Skin
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