SmartMan RSIM (with eSERT Power)
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SmartMan RSIM (with eSERT Power)

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SmartMan RSIM (with eSERT Power)

This system include a high fidelity full body manikin and advanced teaching software designed to provide Best Practice Training. Best Practice specifically refers to learning how to execute at a skill level and as a team and within real time constraints, so that the condition of the patient is optimized for the best outcome.

SmartMan RSIM encourage practice of a response with real running time, with the proper actions being performed and using the proper devices just as would be the case on a real patient. As actions are performed response and condition of the SmartMan patient will evolve in real time. Think of RSIM1 as the last practice before the real thing. RSIM provides the tips to performance and cooperation that are usually overlooked in training sessions.

FULL BODY: Full body manikin with one leg for IO practice. Arms and legs detachable for easy storage and carrying. Arms and legs have their own carry bag. Manikin comes in a wheeled duffel which can be shipped as large luggage on a plane. It has the DTFIS special thoracic build so that pressures in the chest move air in and out as in a real person in order to bring a much more realistic training environment.

SOFTWARE: It includes our award winning SmartMan Real time Feedback which is easy to understand and is especially well suited to honing skills on the fly. It has various special activities with detailed feedback to improve basic skills and to hone more difficult skills. It provide feedback on how effective cooperation has been and how it can be improved.

DELIVER SHOCK: We encourage you to integrate use of your own defibrillator into your training. SmartMan RSIM include a rhythm generator so that you are able to practice delivering a shock with your own defibrillator-monitor it IS IMPORTANT TO practice the roles associated with making this efficient.

OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE BASED DEBRIEFING: SmartMan RSIM1 will change how you Debrief your Training Session. You will still concentrate on communication and tam dynamics, but SmartMan RSIM1 adds objective evidence to key areas. You have two levels of information depending on the time you have. Quick-View graphs give you a synopsis and are designed so that you know exactly what has been done within 30 seconds. The second level provides more detailed information and you can pinpoint which actions need improved communication. For example it will provide crucial timings and quality around the stage of the code when each shock is delivered. This Perishock information is unique to SmartMan. SmartMan RSIM1 Debriefing gives you objective evidence for where your training is excellent and where it can be improved.

IN THE CLASSROOM OR AT A DISTANCE: The SmartMan RSIM systems can be used within the classroom setting but is also ideal to be used at a distance. For example, a trainer can not only monitor actions but is also able to control SmartMan operations at a distance via video conferencing software such as Zoom. It is ideal as it also interactive guidance, coaching, commenting from a distance. The trainer can perform a full normal debriefing by reviewing, highlighting points and referring to as much or as little of the report as desired.

IMPORTANT: It does not come with laptop computer.

eSERT POWER - To Display Your Data

RSIM products include eSERT Power. This is a Cloud application and it can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. This is a Service which collects, cleans and validates your results data. Then it creates Graphical Displays of your Data. Our service customizes the display of your data so that it is easy to understand. eSERT pulls out the meaning hidden within your data so that you can see what is there. You can immediately see what is going on and you are able to drill down, filter and export of your data as you like.

With eSERT Power is easy to use the part of the data that applies. For example you can quickly create a pdf with the graphs, or you can copy a graph and paste it into an existing report. It is a super fast way to feed into decision making and to examine return on investment.

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SmartMan RSIM (with eSERT Power)
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