Airway Management Simulator

Airway Management Simulator

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Airway Management Simulator

Our high-fidelity smart airway management simulator and intubation trainer is truly unique because it comes with the addition of objective graphical feedback via a wireless tablet. This means that while you’re training, you can check the real-time feedback for airway management and have the saved results right after your training session.

Our simulator also comes with a customizable checklist that can be easily tailored to your needs. The checklist will be logged in the history log, making it easy for you to track your progress and improve your skills.

Training with our airway management simulator and intubation trainer will not only improve your skills but also enhance your confidence in performing these critical medical procedures.

1. Head tilt

2. Jaw thrust maneuver

3. Sniffing Position

4. Ventilation

5. Gastric inflation The gastic inflation may happens by too strong, too much, too frequent ventilation or esophageal intubation

6. deflation by hand It the gastric inflation happens, press the abdomen softly to discharge the air.

  • Objective intubation practice with an adult torso model
  • Ability to do realistic practice by using skin-like feeling Human torso model - Head tilt / Chin lift, Sniffing position
  • Jaw Thrust maneuver (Displayed through the monitor)
  • Ventilation by using Bag-Valve-Mask
  • Insert the oral and nasal airway can be applied
  • Intubation tube (ETT), laryngeal mask (LMA/I-gel), combi tube (Combi-Tube) can be applied
  • Intubation by using laryngoscope
  • Observable chest rising during the ventilation and check with stethoscope
  • Alarm sounds due to the excessive use of laryngoscope
  • Detects Head tilt-chin lift method, Jaw Trust, sniffing position and display these through a tablet
  • Observable intubation depth (deep/moderate/shallow) through tablet
  • Observable esophageal intubation on the tablet PC
  • Detects tidal volume and stomach expansion and display the state on the Tablet PC
  • User can check up the training record through the auto-ID items and check-list
  • Check-list & result-point is all configurable.
  • All the results can be saved.
  • Wireless Blue-tooth connection between display device-tablet PC

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
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Airway Management Simulator

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • Size: 34 x 17 x 14 in
  • Weight: 39 lbs
Product Dimensions and Weight:
  • Size: 27.56 x 11.82 x 9.45 in (700×300×240㎜)
  • Weight: 18.74 lbs (8.5kg)

* Addictional Components - Storage Case for Manikin, User's guide

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
BT USA Inc. Authorized Dealer.

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by BT Inc   —   Item # BT-CSIE
Airway Management Simulator
$4,750.00 $5,000.00
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