ALS Trauma Head Model

ALS Trauma Head Model

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ALS Trauma Head Model

This trauma head model, in conjunction with our ALS trainer #080, can be used to simulate numerous trauma situations including anaphylactic shock and Laryngo Spasm. Model includes swelling of tongue and vocal cords. The Simulaids ALS Trauma Head Model also simulates internal and external bleeding. Can be used with all types of suction units.

The Simulaids ALS Trauma Head Model accepts:
  • Combitube
  • E.O.A.
  • E.G.T.A. airways
  • P.T.L. airways
  • L.M.A. airways

A Cricothyrotomy can also be performed using this ALS Trauma Head Model.

Simulaids ALS Trauma Head Model additional features include:
  • oral airways for intubation
  • nasal airways for intubation
  • bag valve mask ventilation
  • and delivery of supplemental oxygen

Made in USA by Simulaids and sold by GTSimulators.

Three-year warranty.

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