Brayden OBI CPR Training Manikin, Dark skin

Brayden OBI CPR Training Manikin, Dark skin

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Brayden OBI CPR Training Manikin, Dark Skin

This CPR training manikin is the first ever to display visual flow of blood with indicator lights from the heart to the brain during CPR. Students will not only easily learn how to execute proper and correct CPR in time of need, but will also help to remember the ultimate purpose and vital importance of correct and proper execution of CPR.


The blood circulation indicating lamp that goes from the chest to the head shows different flow speeds (compression rate) depending on the speed of the chest compressions. The compression indicating lamp located on the collarbone changes in length depending on the depth of the chest compressions.

In addition, the CPR quality indicating lamp on the forehead lights up only when the compression depth, compression speed, and chest compression recoil are all correct.

The main purpose of CPR is to maintain the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain during a cardiac arrest to help prevent serious brain damage and ‘buy time’ for the patient until the professionals arrive or a defibrillator is made available. The “BRAYDEN” manikin is the first CPR Manikin to display the visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR. In addition, the “BRAYDEN” manikin helps trainees not only learn how to perform good quality CPR but also help them to remember how to do it so they are ready if the time comes to perform for real.

Three indicator lights let students and instructors know if procedures are being performed correctly:

These illuminate to represent the volume of blood being circulated by the chest compressions. This volume depends on the depth of compressions. These will only fully light when the depth of compressions is over 5cm.
These illuminate to represent the floor of blood from the heart to the brain. The speed of the blood flow shown varies according to the depth and speed of the compressions. These will only fully light once the rate of compressions is over 100 per minute.
This illuminates to represent that blood is reaching the brain. This will only fully light when the depth and speed of the compressions are correct.

Intuitive feedback, Enhancing the
educational effect

The real-time feedback capability of the BRAYDEN manikin helps learners easily understand the purpose and principles of CPR, and helps enhance the educational learning as they better remember what they have learned through intuitive feedback.

CPR trainers are also able to instantly determine if chest compression depth is correct or if the chest compression rate is correct. They can also easily and intuitively correct themselves because of the real-time feedback - this is a most effective way for learning CPR.

Brayden CPR Training Manikin Features:

Oral and nasal passages which allow realist nose pinch.

Realistic and anatomically correct head tilt and chin lift.

Highly realistic chest movement with correct ventilations.

Anatomically correct. Harmless, latex-free skin. Easy AED training pad removal. RoHS & REACH compliant.

6 set of alkaline batteries can power 160,000 compressions. AC supply optional.

Disposable lungs' air exits through the back of his head. No contact with exhaled air.
The manikin also has the following functions for basic life support:
  • Anatomical landmarks such as the sternum, rib cage, sternal notch, and xiphisternum
  • Audible feedback reinforces correct compression depth
  • Available in three version:
    • Red Lights
    • No illumination
Brayden comes with:
  • 1 Brayden CPR Manikin
  • 1 spare Face Skin
  • 1 spare Artificial Lung
  • 10 Face Shields
  • 6 Batteries (except No illumination version)
  • 1 padded Carrying Case/Training Mat
  • 1 Instruction Manual

*AC Adaptor not included*

It is recommended to replace the lung bag after each class.
Cleanup is quick and easy.
Skin is RoHS and REACH compliant and it is not made with natural rubber latex.


Turn a Brayden Adult into a Brayden Junior Conversion Kit within seconds.

M13003 - Brayden Junior Conversion Kit


Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • Box Dimensions: 24" x 14" x 10"
  • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
Product Dimension:
  • Size: 12.60 x 23.23 x 8.27 in
  • Weight: 6.8lb

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Brayden OBI CPR Training Manikin, Dark skin
$471.00 $495.00
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