Koken EGD (Esophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy) Simulator

Koken EGD (Esophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy) Simulator

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Koken EGD (EsophagoGastroDuodenoscopy) Simulator

This product is a simulator in which an endoscope can be inserted into the upper gastrointestinal tract to perform examination.
Both transoral and transnasal insertion are available, and as an accessory, recreation of an ulcer and an observational polyp is included.
As a separately sold option, a polyp can be attached to practice polyp resection and control of bleeding from it.

  • Specialized silicone rubber is used as the material, and inserting the endoscope feels like inserting it into an actual human body. The color inside is also close to that of the human body.
  • Since the oral and nasal cavities have been reproduced, both transoral and transnasal insertion can be practiced.
  • For the transnasal insertion, the difficulty setting of insertion can be changed by placing the nasal septum pieces to deviate to the right or the left side. The insertion technique and visibility can be changed.
  • Practicing endoscopic examination of the esophagus, stomach, and duodenum is possible. It is also possible to practice cannulation of the papilla during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
  • Gastric ulcers and early gastric cancer can be observed in the stomach. Four types of polyps of Yamada classification types I to IV can also be attached for observation.
  • As a separately sold option, a polyp can be attached to practice polyp resection and control of bleeding from it. After resecting it, one can practice the clipping method to stop the bleeding.
  • The face portion can be opened at the midline to understand the anatomical structure of the nasal and oral cavities and the larynx.
  • The dedicated box for packaging can be divided into 2 parts, and it can be used to only cover the stomach side.

This simulator isn't compatible with TEE (Transesophageal echocardiogram) ultrasound probe training.

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • 32" x 14" x 12" in
  • 20 lbs

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Very Helpful to exercise the EGD scope

Very Helpful to exercise the precedure of EGD scopy.

by Koken   —   Item # LM-103
Koken EGD (Esophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy) Simulator
$3,800.00 $4,000.00
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