THOR Thoracic Trauma Surgery Training Simulator

THOR Thoracic Trauma Surgery Training Simulator

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THOR Thoracic Trauma Surgery Training Simulator

Perform open procedures, VATS or robotic platform in this exclusive simulator

The exclusive Pro Delphus Thor-T model was designed with all the structures of a right hemithorax to simulate several surgical options, allowing for resections, incisions, reconstructions and much more.

Among some trauma surgeries in this chest simulator, the following are possible:
a) Thoracic incisions: anterior, lateral and posterior thoracotomy, all types of incisions for access to VATS and ROBOTIC procedures
b) Special incisions such as paravertebral, Chamberlein and subxiphoid access
c) All types of chest wall resection and reconstruction including complex surgeries on the clavicle, scapula, sternum and spine
d) Thoracic trauma, fixation of the ribs with plates, anterior, lateral, posterior and under the scapula
e) Thoracic trauma, rib fixation with VATS, internal systems and / or removal of intrapleural fluid (can be prepared in the laboratory immediately before the surgical procedure).

Check the full list of surgical possibilities on the back of this brochure.

The Standard model (code 3324) consists of:
1x THOR-0T and 1x THOR-1T


Replacement parts are available upon request.

Note: This product is made to order, returns or cancellations will not be accepted.

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Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

  • Size: 26" x 20" x 14" in
  • Weight: 32 lb

Possible pathologies and procedures through customization

a) Pleurectomy, apical, subtotal or total parietal removal for pleurodesis
b) Pleural biopsies / surgeries with different types of implants and / or tumors
c) Pleural drainage techniques including “open pleural thoracostomy”

a) Peripheral pulmonary tumors: biopsy, wedge resection and Perelmam procedure (with hemorrhage, if necessary)
b) Central pulmonary tumors: upper and lower lobectomies including dissection of the structures of the pulmonary hilum, artery, vein and bronchus
c) Partial lobectomy
d) Lung transplantation, including removal and reconstruction of the pulmonary hilum, bilaterally, with anastomosis of the artery, vein and main bronchus

a) Resection of tumors and cysts in the mediastinum, anterior and posterior, thymectomy, neurogenic tumors, pericardial cysts close to the main structures
b) Thoracic sympathectomy, bilateral up to the 10th ganglion
c) Esophagectomy, removal and / or suture or end-to-end anastomosis
d) Bilateral dissection of the internal mammary vessels and phrenic nerve
e) Mediastinal, right paratracheal and subcarinal lymphadenectomy

a) Resection and removal of small tumor sections and anastomosis
b) Injuries and suture in the tracheal wall

a) Dissection of vessels and lymph nodes, with the possibility of bleeding vascular injury under pressure and vascular suture

a) Plication or herniation surgery, removal of endometriosis or tumors of the diaphragm
b) Correction of traumatic injuries

The THOR Simulator for thoracic surgery, can offer more than 50 different procedures through customization. Contact us for more information!

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by Pro Delphus   —   Item # THOR-T
THOR Thoracic Trauma Surgery Training Simulator
$3,125.00 $3,434.00
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