Ultrasound Exam 'ABDFAN' With Pathologies

Ultrasound Exam 'ABDFAN' With Pathologies

Item # KK-US-1B-41900-030

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Ultrasound Examination Training Model 'ABDFAN' With Pathologies

Unique high-fidelity ultrasound phantom facilitates effective training in abdominal ultrasound scanning with your own clinical devices. Simulated lesions embedded as targets provide wider educational opportunities.Detailed hepatobiliary, pancreatic and other abdominal anatomy and eight Couinaud's hepatic segments can be localized. This ABDFAN model has various simulated lesions to provide wider training variety. Training skills include basics of abdominal sonography: cross sections and sonographic anatomy,sonographic demonstration of each individual organ and localization of hepatic Couinaud's segments

  • Hepatic lesions (cystic and solid)
  • Gallbladder and bile duct stones
  • Pancreatic tumors (one invading the portal vein)
  • Splenic lesions
  • Both kidney lesions
  • Left adrenal tumor

Also available: Abdominal ultrasound phantom without pathologies

  • Liver (segmental anatomy, portal and hepatic venous systems, ligamentum teres and ligamentum venosum)
  • Biliary tract (gallbladder, cystic duct, intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts)
  • Pancreas (pancreatic duct)
  • Spleen / kidneys
  • Detailed vascular structures (aorta, vena cava, celiac artery and its branches, portal vein and its branches, superior mesenteric vessels, renal vessels, and more)
Set includes:
  • 1 ultrasound phantom "ABDFAN"
  • 1 set positioning pillow
  • 1 tutorial manual (DVD)
  • 1 storage case



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