3. Medical Simulators

3. Medical Simulators

Enhance Your Skills With Life-Like Medical Simulators

Medical simulation is related to education and teaching in medical fields. It involves simulated human patients, casualty simulation, emergency life support and veterinary patients. The main purpose of these trainers is to educate and train medical professionals and students to decrease accidents during general practice, prescription and surgery.

It is currently used to train students in anatomy, physiology and several other medical procedures, improving their clinical training and education as allied health professionals.

GTSimulators offers a whole line of Medical Manikins and Simulators to cover the areas of Nursing Skills, Emergency Life Support, OB/GYN, CPR, Patient Care and Aging Simulation.
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Interactive ECG Simulator with Posts
Item # LF03670
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Rescue Randy Harness
Item # 149-1470
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Prestan Professional Face-Shield-Lung Bags - 50 pack
Item # PP-ALB-50
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CPR Metrix Control Box and iPad®
Item # LF03406
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Interactive ECG Simulator Box
Item # 101-102
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Insertion Tool For CPR Prompt Manikins
Item # LF06943
Suture Tool Kit with Case Only
Item # LF01011
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Soft Case for Central Line Training Model
Item # BPH662-B
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Arrhythmia TUTOR I
Item # LF03668
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Infant Single Intraosseous Infusion Leg
Item # LF03622
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Paracentesis Replacement Insert
Item # BPPARA1302
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Training Arm & Hand for IV, IM, & sub-Q access for item S150
Item # S150.803R.IV
$1,251.00 $1,317.00
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Breast Calcifications – Pentagonal Cluster
Item # PX-59-02
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$1,948.00 $2,051.00
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Tumor Slabs for Breast Phantom
Item # PX-59-03
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$2,889.00 $3,041.00
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2.5cm Fat Ring For Abdomen Phantom
Item # PX-53-07
$2,905.00 $3,058.00
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5cm Fat Ring For Abdomen Phantom
Item # PX-53-06

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