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Enhance Your Skills With Life-Like Medical Simulators

Medical simulation is related to education and teaching in medical fields.
It involves simulated human patients, casualty simulation, emergency life support and veterinary patients. The main purpose of these trainers is to educate and train medical professionals and students to decrease accidents during general practice, prescription and surgery.

It is currently used to train students in anatomy, physiology and several other medical procedures, improving their clinical training and education as allied health professionals.

GTSimulators offers a whole line of Medical Manikins and Simulators to cover the areas of Nursing Skills, Emergency Life Support, OB/GYN, CPR, Patient Care and Aging Simulation.
  • CPR Training Manikins

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    Professional CPR Training Manikins for Sale

    There are only minutes until brain damage starts; they've lost consciousness and are just laying there. You stand there, feeling lost and helpless... or do you? With these CPR training manikins you can have the practice and the knowledge to know what to do in that situation. While there are a lot of CPR manikins for sale on the market, our simulators have the technology to get the most of your training.
    Besides, this training isn't something to cut corners on, right?

    Your CPR expertise can literally be the difference between life and death, making it and not making it. So why risk it? Make your practice count with our CPR training simulators.

    When that moment comes, when someone hits the ground, passes out, or grabs their chest and falls; be ready. Be prepared. And instead of standing there feeling helpless and afraid, be able to help to save that life.
    GTSimulators is your best source of CPR Manikins that simulates Airway Management, First Aid, Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

  • Emergency Life Support

    Emergency Life Support

    As a health care provider nothing is more important than the saving of a life. While training, nothing is more important than realism to ensure the saving of that life. With the Life Support Simulators and Emergency Training Manikins you can be certain that, in a real life situation, the saving of a life will be that much more of a certainty. These Manikins are lifelike as are the life support simulation packages such as the AirSim models and advanced models that will simulate CPR scenarios and micro-laryngeal surgical and laser techniques. We also have water rescue and defilbrilators scenario dummies and many others that can fit a large variety of scene and training scenarios.

    Our simulators are anatomically correct with a realistic feel to them that is of the utmost importance when training for real life medical emergencies. GTSimulators offers a whole line of Emergency Life Support. If you want to be properly prepared when faced with a medical emergency, buy it today!
  • Medical and Nursing Skills

    Nursing Skills

    Simulation is a key component in practical training. It provides the users with the opportunity to practice and perfect their skills on systems which provide practical feedback visually and in other ways. Medical skills simulators provide medics with great opportunities to explore practical ways of getting around patients for effective management. By practicing around these simulators, the medics can avoid using inappropriate methods in the management of their patients.

    Similarly, Nursing Skills Training Manikins are very relevant in the training and practice of the profession. Analogous to the medical simulators, they provide the users with the opportunity to study a patient's scenario from different angles and come up with the best strategy to deal with a similar problem in real life. Life-form Trainers are appropriate for use in training medics. These trainers can be used alongside the manikins and simulators to demonstrate new concepts to the learners.

    For effective teaching and learning of medicine and nursing, it is fundamental to acquire these items. That is why we are proud to be your best source of Medical and Nursing Skills Simulators.
  • OB/GYN Trainers

    OB/GYN Trainers

    GTSimulators offers an outstanding line of OB/GYN - Obstetrics and Gynecology Models and Simulators. Simulation throughout OB/GYN models and manikins will provide students and physicians the opportunity of practicing and improving skills as well as to refresh medical procedures. Our OB/GYN Models are made to fit all levels of training, so students, nurse-midwives, residents and physicians can be trained properly.

    Several applications are covered by the OB/GYN Simulators, including a simple gynecologic examination, to a Palpation of normal and pregnant uteri, IUD insertion and removal, shoulder dystocia, breech extraction and more.

  • Patient Care Manikins

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    Enhance Your Patient Care Assistance With Life-Like Manikins

    Thanks to technology, medical training has changed dramatically. Students now have the unique opportunity to work with a lifelike patient and really extend their learning. Medical Training Manikins, Hospital Training Simulators and Patient Care Manikins are all created to allow nursing, clinical, and emergency training. The manikins are very lifelike and very durable. They will last through various examinations and operations. Their lifelike appearance and natural body movements add to the feel of realism.

    Training medical personnel by reading textbooks or watching videos is certainly not enough to prepare them for real life situations. These manikins are so lifelike, that the student will excel when faced with a real patient emergency. The manikins provide training for the student in everything from personal hygiene, lifting, practicing irrigation, practicing injections, and much more. Learn patient care the new and improved way with these lifelike manikins.

    GTSimulators offers a whole line of patient care manikins and simulators including Adult Patient Care Manikins, Child Patient Care Manikins, Infant Patient Care Manikins, Geriatric Patient Care Manikins, Hospital Training Manikins and Ready-or-Not Tot Babies.
  • Impairment Simulation Tools

    Impairment Simulation Tools

    Global Technologies is an authorized dealer of Impairment Simulation Tools, supplying Age Simulation Tools, Age Simulation Suits, Hemiplegia Simulation Suits, Hemiplegia Nursing Simulation Suits, Paralysis Simulation Suits and Elderly Simulation Suits.
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Aging Simulation Suit | Aging Simulator Suit | Physical Limitations Simulation Suit | Aging Simulation Suit GERT Aging Simulation Suit GERT

Item # PPD1002

List Price: $2,733.00
On Sale: $2,456.00
koken colonoscopy - Lower gi endoscopy simulator Koken Colonoscopy (Lower GI Endoscopy) Simulator Type II

Item # LM-107

List Price: $3,999.00
On Sale: $3,797.00
Koken EGD-EsophagoGastroDuodenonoscopy Simulator Koken EGD (EsophagoGastroDuodenonoscopy) Simulator

Item # LM-103

List Price: $5,300.00
On Sale: $4,697.00
Patient Care Manikin | Patient Care Manikins | 3B Scientific P10 Patient Care Manikin | Buy Patient Care Manikin | Buy Patient Care Manikins | Patient Care Manikin On sale | Patient Care Manikins On Sale | Buy 3B Scientific Patient Care Manikins On Sale Patient Care Manikin Pro Version

Item # P10-1

List Price: $3,444.00
On Sale: $2,927.00
Advanced Catheterization Trainer with Male Genital Insert Henri and Female Genital Insert Florence | male and female catheterization simulator set Advanced Catheterization Trainer with Male and Female Genital Insert

Item # EZ7030

List Price: $3,330.00
On Sale: $2,820.00
Koken EGD-EsophagoGastroDuodenonoscopy Simulator Koken ESD (Endoscopy Submucosal Dissection) Training Model with Storage Case

Item # LM-083

List Price: $2,105.00
On Sale: $1,979.00
StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator

Item # SIB

List Price: $900.00
On Sale: $737.00
Gynecologic Simulator | ZOE Gynecologic Simulator ZOE® Gynecologic Simulator

Item # S504.100

List Price: $667.00
On Sale: $587.00
Wearable Breast Self Examination Model | Breast Self-Exam Model | Breast Examination Model Wearable Breast Self Exam Model

Item # L51

List Price: $1,302.00
On Sale: $1,106.00
Acupuncture Model N30, Male Acupuncture Model, Male

Item # N30

List Price: $208.00
On Sale: $176.00
Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator Advanced Patient Care Male Prostate Simulator

Item # S230.3

List Price: $476.00
On Sale: $412.00
PEDI Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin Technology PEDI® Blue Neonatal Simulator with SmartSkin™ Technology

Item # S320.100

List Price: $1,899.00
On Sale: $1,644.00
Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Vessels, Nerves, Pelvic Floor and Organs, 6 part Female Pelvis Model with Ligaments, Pelvic Floor and Organs, 6 part

Item # H20-4

List Price: $682.00
On Sale: $579.00
Koken Female Organ Model Type I - Contraceptive Trainer Koken Female Organ Model Type I - Contraceptive Trainer

Item # LM-030

List Price: $1,138.00
On Sale: $1,070.00
Torso Laparoscopic Trainer | Laparoscopic Torso Simulator | Body Torso Laparoscopic Trainer Laparoscopic Torso Simulator

Item # BTS300

List Price: $2,800.00
On Sale: $2,510.00
Basic life support simulator | Life support simulator Basic Billy Basic Billy BLS Simulator, Light

Item # P72

List Price: $280.00
On Sale: $238.00
gynecological training model Gynecological Patient Education Model

Item # P53

List Price: $395.00
On Sale: $335.00
Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator Anatomical Aprons by Joy - Ostomy Simulator

Item # AAJ001

List Price: $199.90
On Sale: $197.00
Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model Decubitus Scientific Treatment Model

Item # SKM157

List Price: $4,410.00
On Sale: $3,869.00
Intraosseous Knee Injection Intraosseous Access Knee Injection

Item # SB151713

List Price: $610.00
On Sale: $542.00
AirSim Advanced Combo Model AirSim Combo X Model

Item # W47404B

List Price
: $3,060.00
Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer Epidural and Spinal Injection Trainer

Item # P61

List Price: $1,723.00
On Sale: $1,464.00

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